Is there a way to detect Modified Memories?

In D&D 5E, is there a way to detect if someone has had their memories tampered with via the spell Modify Memory?

In 3.5E, you could pick up on this with Detect Magic. According to the 3.5 SRD, Modify Memory has…

Duration: Permanent

Because it is a Permanent spell,

The energy remains as long as the effect does. This means the spell is vulnerable to dispel magic.

The above also means that Detect Magic would pick up on the aura of Enchantment Magic that is surrounding the victim of such a spell. So, if you tampered with someone’s memories, they would light up on Detect Magic as being Enchanted. Then you roll a Spellcraft check, identify the spell, and tear it down.

However, in 5E, Modify Memory has…

Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

and the text specifies

the modified memories take hold when the spell ends

Meaning the spell is over, and so the target is no longer under the influence of magic. Thus, they shouldn’t show up as enchanted under Detect Magic.

Given that Detect Magic doesn’t work, and that…

A remove curse or greater restoration spell cast on the target restores the creature’s true memory

Is there any actual way to tell that you need to cast one of those spells on someone, apart from accidentally stumbling upon the 10 minute span(s) that have been altered and, knowing what actually happened, you realize that their memories don’t match up with reality?

So, in short…apart from knowing the victim of the spell, and the events that were tampered with so well that you can personally verify that a memory is incorrect…is there any way to actually detect a victim of Modify Memory?