Is there a webpage which tells me when the next version of PHP is planned for release?

Before PHP 8.0.0 was released, I was eagerly awaiting it. It had an elaborate table detailed the planned release dates for the "GA" (final) version as well as all the betas/alphas/RCs. I unfortunately think this was just because it was a major new PHP version.

Now that I have tried PHP 8.0.0 and determined that it had a show-stopping bug, and reported that bug, and had it fixed, I’m eagerly awaiting 8.0.1 or 8.1.0 or whatever will be the next version of PHP.

Sadly, I’ve now looked through the entire PHP website without finding any such page.

Does it exist? PHP 8.0.0 was released "26 Nov 2020", so it seems like it could be due soon, but I want to know (roughly) when.

The mailing lists seem completely dead and offer zero clue into the PHP development/plans.