Is there an item that confers Detect Magic?

Playing Curse of Strahd, we’ve found that Lord Von Zarovich seems to be able to cast Alarm (or something like it) that operates from hundreds of miles away.

It seems like a good strategy for our party might be to use Detect Magic extensively. The spell should be able to detect the presence of a magical trap, giving us more of a fighting chance. But Barovia is a pretty big place and the spell only lasts for 10 minutes at a time.

Is there an item (amulet, ring, circlet, etc.) that would confer Detect Magic to the wearer, to avoid us wasting hundreds of spell slots or hours on ritual time?

Assuming there is no such item, or it would be unavailable to us (due to cost or access), what other strategies could we employ to avoid tripping magical alarms? Is there any passive ability that might help notice the presence of magic, even if it’s limited to a single school?