Is there any Bad Dream disadvantages

So in my campaign i’m planning on having my “big bad” mess with one of my players head a bit, while they sleep. He’s a very power witch king type person (the big bad); and is going to be trying to maybe discourage the player in their quest, just to add a little fun in the campaign. To be more specific about the dream: The player will start in a dungeon; a very gross dungeon, and then start seeing some of her friends get killed. Then, the player will see the world on fire; what I mean by that is that the player will see a lot of villages and towns on fire. Then the player will see an entire field of their friends and allies all dead, along with all the dragon Gods that the player believes in. Their going to see several scary things that would discourage the player. The players wont know its a dream at the very beginning. I want this to have a negative effect on the player (like a disadvantage or something when they wake up, saying its a lot of shocking things); but I don’t really know what to do for the negative effect, I was thinking a disadvantage on all intelligence and wisdom throws is added every time the player has the dream, but then I realized that I want it to happen every night; and that’s A LOT of disadvantages added up. So i’m Kinda stuck; I want my player to notice the effect the dream is having on their character; without making the player totally defenseless.

1.Is there something that can help with this?

Also, i’m not sure whether I want the player to wake up, until they see everything that I have planned in the dream; and then I would just keep showing the same dream every night. However, I want the player to be able to sort of choose what they want to do, with some sort of disadvantage or roll they have to make (saying that its a dream; that someone else is kinda controlling). What I was originally thinking, was to have the player roll for constitution every time they make an action beyond where I want the player to go in the dream; and if the player fails then they get a disadvantage when they wake up. However, I realize i’m running into the same problem. The amount of disadvantages she might be getting; but I still want them to notice the effect as something real and not something to brush off. Maybe tone down the disadvantages; however with even just one disadvantage every time the player dreams, it still adds up.

2.Is there something that could help with this too?