Is there any edition where it’s possible to play as Animated Armor?

I’m new to this, and I’m still looking for a group to play with, but I have it set in my mind that the first D&D character I’d like to play as is secretly animated armor.

Would this be possible and accepted? I’ve tried looking up information about animated armor but I can hardly find anything about it. I’m not talking about haunted armor, just enchanted armor with a will of its own.

Then if I’m allowed, how would I level my character?

In short these are my questions:

  • Am I allowed to play as Animated Armor?

  • And if “yes” how would I go about making such a character stronger?

I don’t have any particular D&D edition to choose from yet, as I have yet to find a group, but let’s just say the latest edition (5th) if we must pick one. But if this is more easily possible in a different edition, I would rather know that.

The only information I could find on Animated Armor is here.