Is there any lore that explains why the feral child is human only

So I was thinking of making a druid a skimmed through the archetypes to see if there was anything good, under racial archetypes saw the Feral Child it was listed as only human for some reason. I showed my dm the flavor text and he also found it odd. That made me curious so I came here to ask.

The flavor text reads as follows

The feral child is an archetype of the druid class, available to human druids.

Some youths, abandoned in the wilderness and then raised by animals, are so connected with their adoptive home and family that they become feral. Suspicious of civilized society, these foundlings often choose allegiance to the wild over their human forebears.

Although it specifically calls for humans I find it hard to believe that humans are the only race who throw unwanted children into the wilderness. Is there anything I’m missing that makes it so that only humans can have this class?

With all that in mind, I ask the question: why are humans the only race that can access feral child. Since we obviously can’t know what the devs were thinking it would probably be more effective to look for lore so let’s go with that.