Is there any official rule softening power checks to NPCs in Ravenloft?

My players have scaped Aggarath to find themselves in Falkovnia. They started to walk to south trying reach Calimshan (they came from Toril) and instead, approached Aerie and had their first battle with a elite patrol of Talons. The session ended there and I begun to think about next plot. I readed ‘Death Unchained’ and 2nd edition Ravenloft campaign books and was creating Aerie’s leader character, Rudolph, a young Talon of Taladas, ‘today’ 64 years old, when I realized he had to be already a monster (minimum stage X – demilord serving Drakov). Torture is an automatic power check (‘+’ in table 16 of ‘Domains of Dread’). Worst, the entire military of Falkovnia (just in Lekar, more than 3000 human beings), certainly is already partial physical monsters. Drinking Drakov’s potion is not a pass to commit torture without ‘punishment’ (mainly because the NPC knew what Talons do and choose to be above peasants). So, even with certain high death rates among military, any official rule softening power checks to NPCs in Ravenloft or Falkovnia is a nest of future darklords?