Is there any practical way to magically summon/create a weapon and throw it in one turn?

Heavily inspired by this question, I wanted to expand the scope a bit.

That question was specifically about using Minor Conjuration to conjure a dagger or dart as an action, which I assume is an ability tied to the School of Conjuration wizard (I only have the SRD available at the moment, and it only lists Evocation), and then throwing the conjured weapon as a bonus action. The negative response was entirely because the proposed character didn’t get to attack as a bonus action unless they took the Attack action.

I would like to find an alternate way to accomplish this, since it does seem cool (even if it’s likely to be impractical compared to normal ranged attacks or cantrips). There’s a lot of theoretical ground to cover, but some examples of effects that could be provided by a feat or class feature are:

  • The ability to make a weapon attack as a bonus action without making an Attack as an action. For example, I could imagine a Feat that says “When you use your Action to cast a spell, you may make an attack with a weapon as a bonus action”
  • The ability to conjure or summon a dagger as a bonus action, leaving the action free to make the attack. For example, if a spell with a casting time of 1 action can accomplish the conjuration or summoning effect, then a Sorcerer could Quicken that spell.

I’ve found precisely one way to do this, which I will post as an answer, but it seems like this small effect should be available for a less ridiculous cost.

For clarification, the definition I am using for “practical” here is based on having a low total cost to achieve the effect. For example, using something like a Spell Slot that is limited per day is less practical than something which doesn’t consume any resources like that. Similarly, an effect requiring more levels in a particular class or more feats is less practical because it “costs” levels/feats that could have been applied to something else.