Is there any way to have more than one ship in Starfinder?

This question stems from How much does a spaceship cost? and is a side question that came up in discussion there.

I know that you build, upgrade, or replace your ship with build points.

However, that seems limiting and non-economic. I’m not looking for a solution that would involve splitting the build points into a few useless rowboats. I can figure out how to build a bunch of ships that are useless compared to my level on my own, thank you.

I am looking for any other way to acquire multiple ships.

Is there any monetary way to control more than one ship? Any feats or other acquired abilities that let you control more than one ship? Can you use the leadership feat to control the captains of other ships? Could one, eventually, control a fleet?

Of the possible solutions, it seems to me that the Leadership feat might be the only way but that too is limiting unless you can cascade it (you control two captains who control two captains each, etc.).