Is There Data on How Quickly Roleplaying Groups Move through Published Modules?

Obviously there are huge variations in how different groups approach adventures in tabletop games, different preferences and styles for DMs, and other factors that affect how much time (measured in sessions or hours) gaming groups spend playing through specific adventure modules.

In trying to assess the pacing of campaigns in which I’m involved (as a DM or player), I became curious about what others’ experiences have been playing through published modules – the published content is the same for everybody, so play style seems like it would drive most of the differences in play time. I’ve looked around a bit but have mostly found things like isolated Reddit threads where two or three people (at most) describe their singular experiences, and not always containing useful information about time.

Is there any data on typical time spent playing specific adventure modules in 5e?

Ideally this would be survey data describing completed campaigns, with some standardized way of estimating the amount of "off-book" content that was added (though I’d be surprised to see a survey that would try to gather that last one, as it’s hard to operationalize). Even more ideal would be data that includes player feelings about the length (such as 100 hours of play for 60% of respondents, and among those 30% of players would have preferred more play hours in the module).

If such data exists, I’m interested in any published module. My intended use is to compare the information to the length of the adventures as described in the source books, to set some loose bounds on how I might calibrate my own campaign pacing. Online or offline play, I’m interested in whatever is available.