Is there some way to skip or negate dead levels?

Is there any way to “jump” dead levels in a class? In other words, if a class does not gain any special features, you bypass that level and move directly on to the next level that does gain a special feature? This isn’t including spell casters as they usually gain spells at given level, but other classes… BAB and Saves are not included in this, just special class features….

Edit: This is question is mean for dead levels in Prestige classes not base classes. I’m sorry I did not specify that earlier… Playing in a Pathfinder campaign, taking prestige classes from 3.X can really keep a character behind in ways. My question should have been more along the lines of: Is it acceptable to abolish the dead levels in prestige classes when incorporating them into the Pathfinder setting?

There are few (if any) prestige classes that I can think of that taking out the dead levels would make characters OP. Though each prestige class would have to be gone over individually. Some do offer prestige class abilities that are based on the level of that prestige class that would have to be taken into consideration as well…