Is there yet an “auto index” feature in PostgreSQL?

I’ve struggled all my database life with indexes. Am I supposed to apply it on the ORDER BY column(s), on the ones being compared, a combination of them (and if so, what combination/order?), which kind of index should it be, and so on, and so on…

Yet indexes are necessary for anything but the most trivial test application. So I don’t get to ignore them.

As I’m sitting here once again, utterly unable to "see" what column(s) should get indexes to speed the sluggish queries up, and which order and type and all the other specifics of indexes, it strikes me that maybe it’s now a thing that PG can automatically analyze itself (just like it already does with query planning and whatnot) and automatically add/delete indexes as it sees fit, rather than having me, a human sit there and try to predict what it will have, based on my incomplete (to say the least) knowledge of the subject?

(Yeah, right, fat chance…)

This frankly appears to be one of those "job security" things. And while I don’t have some deep-rooted hate towards DBAs earning a living, I do have a complete lack of money to spend on any such support. And besides the purely monetary issue, I also have privacy concerns: I wouldn’t want a third party to have intimate knowledge of my tables and database structure, and for them to do a proper job, they’d have to get this insight before they can get to work. This is perhaps a bigger issue than the money, actually.