Is this Bracers of Stored Health magic item balanced?

I was thinking about the similarities between a character I was making and one from the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson, when the idea to make a magic item that replicated the effects of one of the powers in that series, Gold Feruchemy, which allows the user to store their health in pieces of gold, becoming sickly while storing, in order to be able to draw on the stored health later to heal faster. So I made this:

Bracers of Stored Health

Wondrous item, rare(requires attunement)

These ornate golden bracers can store the wearer’s health for later use. While wearing the bracers, you can use an action to take one of the following actions:

Store. You store 1 hit die into the bracers. After taking this action, you have disadvantage on Constitution saves for 2 rounds, and take 1 extra damage for each die rolled to deal damage to you in the same time frame. This effect stacks with consecutive uses of this action. A long rest will not restore any hit die stored up to an hour before starting the rest.

Tap. You can roll up to 5 stored hit die, healing for that amount. Alternatively, you can spend 1 hit die to cancel the debuff from 1 use of the Store action, or 3 hit die to cure yourself of 1 disease or condition that is affecting you. The condition can be blinded, deafened, paralyzed, or poisoned.

Some potential balancing options that I thought of are:

-If the Store action is too underpowered, making the Store action a bonus action instead.

-If the Store action is too overpowered, change it so that you instead store over a short or long rest, storing as many hit die as you want. Hit die stored during a long rest are not restored by it. The debuff would last for 10 minutes x the number of hit die stored, starting after the rest ends.

-Increasing/reducing the maximum number of hit die that can be used when taking the Tap action.

-Making it so that the Tap action can’t be taken on two consecutive turns

Does this seem balanced as it is, or does it need changes, either from the list I made or something I didn’t think of?