Is this fortress impervious to magic intrusion?

Ok, I read the responses to my last question, and took them into consideration while trying to design my modern era magic-proof underground airbase.

So, we have some mundane methods of control first:

  1. Uber-tight control over things and information leaving the facility, to prevent would-be spies from getting their mits on anything that could be used in spells to track individuals or equipment.
  2. The curved armor that protects the entire underground facility incorporates a 1-foot thick layer of lead.

The magical defenses include:

  1. A Weirdstone at the heart of the facility, protected via a blast-resistant armored casing.
  2. Permanent Forbiddance spells covering every square foot of floorspace.
  3. A permanent Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum protecting each main command and control center.
  4. Permanent Anti-Magic Fields around the perimeter of the bunker.

Perhaps it’s a bit extreme, but this is a critical defense facility that has nuclear warheads on site. Overkill is always better then not enough. So, are there any discernible chinks in this place’s defense that I failed to notice?

I basically want the only options for getting into this place to be either

  • A: Be let in after being cleared through security.
  • B: Blow the top of the mountain off.
  • C. Ask for help from a god.

The sheer cost of all this would not necessarily be an issue, as this is a government project for the nation’s military.