Is this homebrew class balanced?

OK so first I need to explain something: I am going to make a campaign set in a time when technology is readily available, but not like futuristic Earth or whatever. To keep the campaign fantasy, I’m going for a Star Wars kind of feel with technology, especially since in the campaign there needs to be a physical way to get to other planets. So I thought I would attempt to create a new class that fits that theme of technology (tinkerer). But. I don’t know if it’s balanced or not. It feels balanced and looks balanced on paper, but… anyway, here’s the class:


Hit Dice are 1d8 per level, proficiencies are no armor, finesse and loading weapons, and technician’s tools, a type of tool that I would add into the game as well that would include the basics that a tinkerer would need. Skill proficiencies: Technology another new part of the game (a new skill), and one other from Arcana Insight History and Investigation.
Equipment: You start with (a) any simple weapon or (b) two knives, and (a) handaxe, or (b) healer’s kit, and basic technician’s tools, and an explorer’s pack. (to clarify: the technician’s tools and explorer’s pack come with the class, and aren’t part of the choice) When you reach 4th level, and again at 9th, 13th, 17th, and 20th, you can increase 1 of your ability scores by 2 or 2 of your ability scores by 1. As normal, you can’t increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Class Features

If at any time someone in your party (including yourself) makes a check related to technology, your expertise can help others (or yourself) create, repair, or understand technology. This comes in the form of a die roll, the results of which you can add to the check. At 1st level, your die and modifier is 1d4/2 (round down). At 5th level it becomes 1d4, and at 11th it becomes 1d4*2, and at 17th, if the player making the check you choose to help with rolls a 1, it’s 1d10. You can’t use this feature if you are in some way incapacitated or distracted. This feature has 2 uses before you must take a rest to regain uses. If you take a short rest, the number of uses you gain back is equal to 1d4/2 (round up). If you take a long rest, you regain all uses of this feature. At 11th level, the maximum use number before a rest increases to 3 and at 20th, it increases to 4. You can use this feature after the die is rolled but before effects take place. For the sake of technicalities, this feature applies after any other effects on the check.

At 2nd level, you gain a keen eye for what state technology is in. You have advantage on Investigation checks related to technology.

Beginning when you reach 6th level, when you are creating or modifying a gadget or other mechanical or technology-based object, the time it takes to do so (in minutes) is reduced by 1/3 the original time plus your Tinkerer level. If the original time is 300 minutes or more, add double your Tinkerer level instead. If the original time is 600 minutes or more, add triple your Tinkerer level instead. If this makes the time it takes to create or modify the object go below 1 minute, count it as 30 seconds.

Beginning when you reach 11th level, you can, using an action, DM permitting, create an improvised weapon or shield The weapons do 1d6-1 (minimum of 1) damage of the appropriate damage type, and have 1d4 uses. The shields give you a +1 to AC and have 11 hitpoints. You can’t use this feature twice in a row. You also can’t use this feature if you don’t have both hands free, and you also can’t use this feature if another object created by this feature has more than half its uses (or hitpoints) left. At 20th level, the damage done by the weapons increases to 1d6+1, the number of uses for the weapons becomes 1d6, the shields give you +2 AC and have 13 HP instead of 11.

Phew! Okay, just one more thing: this is a work in progress so please treat it that way 🙂