Is this homebrew Misty Hook spell balanced?

In a game I play, my GM allows a lot of custom homebrew (with approval), including spells. A situation has come up where my sorcerer is trying to make a version of Misty Step pulling a nearby creature to you, instead of teleporting to a nearby space.

My GM doesn’t have much of an opinion on it yet, so I want advice for balancing it.

This is the spell text:

Misty Hook
3rd level conjuration
Range: 30 feet
Choose one creature you can see within 30 feet of you. You teleport them to an unoccupied space of their choice within 5 feet of you. An unwilling creature can make a Wisdom save to avoid being teleported.

Is this balanced as a 3rd level spell, or should it be higher level?

Note: I’ve been talking about this in chat here, scroll down for the full discussion.