Is this monster Level Appropriate?

It’s been a while, but I decided to take one of my Pathfinder 1e Dungeons and transfer it into Pathfinder 2e. That being said, I could not find a Kyrana anywhere in the Pathfinder 2e Bestiary, so I took a shot at rebuilding it using the rules found in the Pathfinder 2e Gamemastery Guide. In my experience, a level 1 party of 2 could fight this creature, albeit with some difficulty. With that in mind, I used the metrics for a Level 1 Creature to recreate it:

NE MEDIUM FIRE DRAGON | Creature Level 1

Perception : +6|60ft Darkvision|Low-Light Vision

Languages : Draconic

Skills : Climb +9

Str +3 | Dex +3 | Con +2 | Int -4 | Wis -1 | Cha -3

AC 13, Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +4

HP 35; Immunities: Fire; Weaknesses: Cold 5

Speed 30ft

Melee * Claws+8 | Agile (-4 to hit on second attack and -8 to hit on third attack (instead of -5/-10)) | 1D4

Melee * Bite+8 | 1D4+2

Breath Weapon ** Arcane, Evocation, Fire | 3D6 damage in a 20ft line (DC 13 Relfex to halve). Cannot use again until 1D4 turns later

Firey Regeneration | During any turn a Kyrana would normally take FIRE damage, it gains Regeneration 10 until the end of its next turn. It cannot use its Breath Weapon on itself to activate this effect

That all being said, Is this creature too strong for its level?