Is this proposed tweak to the Transmutation Wizard’s Master Transmuter class feature balanced for a setting without resurrection?

The School of Transmutation wizard archetype has a feature at level 14 called Master Transmuter. It can allow such a wizard to, once per long rest, destroy their transmuter’s stone and do the following:

Restore Life. You cast the raise dead spell on a creature you touch with the transmuter’s stone, without expending a spell slot or needing to have the spell in your spellbook.

Unfortunately, in my homebrew universe, there is no resurrection magic, so I’m looking into replacing this option with something homebrew that is not related to resurrection, but still at least broadly fits the theme of “Restore Life“.

Unlike in my similar question about replacing resurrection related class features, I do actually have a player who has a transmutation wizard (they are currently “retired”, but the player is strongly considering “unretiring” them in the near future, so this character will almost definitely come back at some point and isn’t far off level 14); this player is also strongly in the camp of “resurrection magic cheapens death”, so they are definitely up for replacing this option of the class feature.

Given that it is called “Restore Life“, I considered replacing it with some kind of healing (say, the heal spell), but then noticed another option that the Master Transmuter feature offers:

Panacea. You remove all curses, diseases, and poisons affecting a creature that you touch with the transmuter’s stone. The creature also regains all its hit points.

So healing would look a bit redundant and underwhelming compared to that option.

Finally, I looked towards greater restoration, since a) it’s a 5th level cleric spell like raise dead, and b) Panacea is kind of like a super charged lesser restoration, plus healing. So I have come up with the following (a “super charged greater restoration“):

Restore Life. You end all reductions to all of the target’s ability scores and hit point maximum, and end one effect that imposes the petrified condition on the target.

I’ve not included the greater restoration spell’s removing curses (since I didn’t want overlap with Panacea) or ending charmed effects (because it doesn’t really fit the theme of restoring life). I also haven’t included regaining any hit points because I thought that might be too powerful compared with Panacea if it also healed the target (although I could have it at least restore hit points equal to the reduction of their hit point maximum, if it was reduced at all).

So my question is, in a setting where there is no resurrection magic, does my proposed replacement of the Restore Life option of the Master Transmuter class feature seem balanced, primarily comparing it to the raise dead spell and the Panacea option?