Is this reflavouring of the Dao Genie warlock patron balances?

I am intending on reflavouring the Genie, so that each type of Genie patron is instead a Fey Court themed around the seasons. All but one of the Genies work without changing.

Here is how I’m intending on reflavouring each variety:

Marid, winter; Efreeti, Summer; Djinni, Autumn; Dao, Spring.

However Dao is themed around stone, so I intended to change the extra spells to these for levels 3-5.

  • 3rd: Haste
  • 4th: Grasping Vine
  • 5th: Wrath of Nature

These weren’t my only considerations, but I think they might be the best ones to pick.

My concern was that Haste might be too powerful however I thought Plant Growth, Daylight, and Aura of Vitality would be underpowered.

Are the new spells balanced in relation to what they were previously and the other genie options?