Is this the correct way of using a neural network for name generation? [on hold]

I decided to write a neural network from scratch and I want it to generate names. This is the first time ever I’m doing something related to machine learning.

Before generating anything, some assumptions are needed:

  • the names will be up to 12 characters long
  • all of the names will be in lower case
  • every character will belong to the English alphabet

Here’s the plan:

       Outputs random         A trained          characters         neural network -------------------        -------------        --------------/                   \        | generator | -----> | classifier |   <is it a name?>   |        -------------        --------------\                   /                                            -------------------                                                    /\                                               yes /  \ no                                                  /    \                        <output the name> <-------      \                                                    <loop back> 

The neural network itself will look something like that: the network

After entering a string (properly converted) a single value will be outputted – the certainty of the network that the given string is a valid name.

This is the site I got my idea from:

Now. Does my plan make sense? Are there better methods to generate believable names? Please tell me if I overlooked something.