Is this Void Themed Sorcerer Subclass Reasonably Balanced?


I’m trying to make a Sorcerer subclass that has a Lovecraftian/Far Realm theme. I tried to balance it around Shadow, Divine Soul, Storm and the Abberant/Psionic Mind UA. (I realize that is probably over-tuned some) I’m hoping this isn’t overly powerful though probably on the higher end of the spectrum. I’ll be play testing it in about a month give or take a week.


One of the things I wanted in this subclass was an extended spell list as I feel, having played a sorcerer in Pathfinder 1e and DnD 5e, that the limited spells known combined with everyone being a spontaneous caster shoehorn Sorcerers a bit too much into glass cannons with no real versatility.

I also wanted a unique feel and theme without stepping on the other subclasses’ toes.

The Subclass

Level 1:

  • Dark Vision – 120 Feet

This is right from Shadow Sorcery

  • Expanded Spell List:

These spells are granted as you gain the appropriate level in this subclass to cast them. They are gained automatically and do not count towards spells known.

Spell Name           Spell Level        Class Level Arms of Hadar          level 1            level 1 Darkness               level 2            level 3 Hunger of Hadar        level 3            level 5 Shadow of Moil         level 4            level 7 Synaptic Static        level 5            level 9 

I’m not too thrilled with Synaptic Static but couldn’t find a better thematic spell from PHB or XtGE. I thought about giving Dimension Door at 9 but it made the wording clunky and I felt a linear progression made more sense.

Level 6:

  • You can see through magical darkness granted through this sub class’ features.

I’m unsure of how necessary this is, it might make level 6 too strong.

  • As a bonus action you can create a void tendril to push or pull yourself or another creature 10 feet. If the creature is unwilling, it makes a strength save against your spell save DC. This ability has a range of 30 feet.

I don’t know how powerful the ability to yank friendlies out of Attack of Opportunity range is. This might need to be yourself or hostile creatures.

Level 14:

  • You are immune to fear effects and can cast spells with a range of touch up to a range of 30 feet.

As above I am unsure how necessary this is, I mainly threw it in for the thematic elements.

  • As a reaction you may spend 2 sorcery points, you are under the effect of blur until the start of your next turn. This does not require concentration.

I originally had levels 6 and 14 switched, but I want the core of the class to be the tendril and not the blur. The downside being a lack of sorcery point dumps for 14 levels.

Level 18:

  • As a bonus action you may spend 6 sorcery points to manifest the void for 1 minute. While under this effect you gain the following:

    • You have a Hover Speed equal to your movement speed.
    • You may use your void tendrils up to three times as a bonus action and when this ability is activated. If the target fails their save they take 2D6 force damage.
    • Magical Darkness is centered around you with a radius of 15 feet. Any number of creatures in range you designate when this ability is activated can see through this darkness.


Is this balanced as a Sorcerer subclass and is the wording and intent of each feature clear and in line with officially published materials?

I had the flavor of the class in mind while designing this and really wanted the expanded spell list. I am completely unsure of how the tendrils, especially at level 18, are balanced as they work a bit differently from published materials I am aware of.