Is using Hub sites the new way of having sub-sites

I am working on a new sharepoint online project. and we need to build the following:-

  1. have a main intranet site. where users can publish news, events and general documents and templates.
  2. to have separate sites or sub-sites for each department. such as HR,IT, Finance, etc..

now i was planning to follow the traditional way of doing things, mainly by:- 1. create a new classic team site (mainly to use the built-in root site collection). 2. to create separate classic team sub-sites for our departments.

but recently i read about Hub sites, and it is been mentioned that using hub sites should be the new/modern way of having sub-sites… so i am not sure if for my above case i should follow having classic team site and classic sub-sites? OR i should use Hub sites and have departments’ site collections that are linked to the hub site?