Isolate variable in inequality

I’m having the most stupid of problems. Suppose I have a simple inequality like $ $ |2-x|>2.$ $

The solution to this is

$ $ x<0 , \,x>4.$ $

This is pretty obvious, though mathematica insists on spitting back the input:

Reduce[Abs[2 - x] > 2] 


Abs[2 - x] > 2 

How can I tell Mathematica I want a series of expression with only $ x$ on the LHS? Trying to solve for $ x$ only makes Mathematica complain that the solution is full-dimensional, I assume this means that Solve can only output single points and not intervals. I also suspect this has to do with the fact that Mathematica doesn’t really know $ x$ is real, but

FullSimplify[Reduce[Abs[2-x] > 2], Assumptions -> x \[Element] Reals] 

produces the same result.