Issue Implementing Ads with Vungle

I’m trying to implement ads on Unity for my program with Vungle, I followed the implementation guide at

But the ads aren’t displaying at all. I get a debug.log that seems to indicate the ad was called, but no ad displays, even if I build and run the program. I contacted support, but they haven’t been super helpful. They told me to wait a little longer before calling the ad, I put it on a coroutine with a 10 second delay and still no ad. Here’s my script for reference,

using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine;

public class VungleAds : MonoBehaviour { string appID; string iosAppID = "ios_app_id"; string androidAppID = "android_app_id"; string windowsAppID = "5fbfc6bc1136b9069f63f0bf";

void Awake() { appID = windowsAppID; Vungle.init(appID); }

private void Start() {     StartCoroutine(ShowBanner());     Vungle.loadBanner(appID, Vungle.VungleBannerSize.VungleAdSizeBanner, Vungle.VungleBannerPosition.BottomCenter); }  IEnumerator ShowBanner() {      yield return new WaitForSeconds(3);     if (Vungle.isAdvertAvailable(appID))     {         Vungle.showBanner(appID);     }     else     {         print("No ad");         StartCoroutine(ShowBanner());     } } 


It’s just printing "No ad." repeatedly.

Does anyone have any experience with Vungle ads? I have been trying to figure this out for like a week haha.