Issues Installing packettracer 7.2 in Ubuntu 18.04

Im coming from Windows and want to change to Ubuntu 18.04 and Iv been using it for on month but at university I was required to istall packettracer 7.2 in its last version . however Iv tried to install it many times and through many ways and softwar of Ubuntu nerver allow instalation even when file is .deb and even in terminal using compress file in .tar.gz ****** please I need help

at the end I was able to do it but system display this message and I cant see the App in Ubuntu software // this is the message after many hours trying to install the app

Should we create a symbolic link “packettracer” in /usr/local/bin for easy Cisco Packet Tracer startup? [Yn] Y ln: fallo al crear el enlace simb√≥lico ‘/usr/local/bin/packettracer’: No existe el archivo o el directorio Type “packettracer” in a terminal to start Cisco Packet Tracer Writing PT7HOME environment variable to /etc/profile Writing QT_DEVICE_PIXEL_RATIO environment variable to /etc/profile

Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2 installed successfully

please help I so tired and desesperate // Ill be more than glad for your help