Its there any built int protection against deceptive app names in Android or that make app listings trustable?

Some functionalities rely on app names and icons for proper use. Like firewall, installed apps list, memory usage statistics. I wonder if there is anything fobidding an app to appear with deceptive names and icons on this apps.

Like, in my firewall, there are over 20 apps who show android icons or have names I don’t know what mean and I don’t have a clue if they are legit.

The built in memory usage functionality from the developer options, for instance, has these two entries: “Android operating system” and “Android system”. I also don’t know if thats correct and both are legit. I’d expect only one such line. The first one use around 500mb, has kernel info and no “stop” option, as on would expect from a OS. The second, uses 2mb and has a “details” page with a “stop” button.

Are there any mechanisms which forbid 3rd party apps of having android icons, or to have names that suggest they they are part of Android?

Is it safe to assume that app listings will really show all installed apps (is there a way for malicious apps keep themselves from showing on these lists)? Is there an official list of apps which are part of android which allows us to identify, for instance, what its safe to allow in our firewalls?