java rule based data collection

I’m building a home project using EWS and SQLite. I have a bunch of really similar (and not so similar) Mails (that hava the usual subject sender body etc fields). These mails contain similar information and i would like to collect them into a sqlite db. Also i want to separete the collection logic from the main code (for mgmt purposes) so I was thinking an xml that would describe different conditions if which are met data collection begins according to that xml object eg.

<xml object> <Conditions> <and><Sender><Sender> <!--Regular expressions would be nice--> <Body> ^Hello, <Body></and> </Conditions>  <Collection> <Exmaple data1><Sbuject></Exmaple data1> <Exmaple data2><Attachment Line=2></Exmaple data2> <Exmaple data3><Mail header attribute=X-mailer></Exmaple data3>  </Collection> </xml object> 

If the conditions are met the sqlite db would be updated with the Subject line, the second line from the atachment and the X-mailer property.

Any help is appreciated! Im open to throwing out my xml idea if there is a better existing lib for similar tasks.