John The Ripper and Amd

My question has two parts, How can I get JTR to use my AMD GPU and Does anyone have any idea how to install the AMD drivers in Kali? To start been trying with Hashcat, JTR and Pyrit no luck with anything on Hashcat except the Opencl in Kali, Pyrit I’ll just leave it there. System Hp 6300 Pro SFF OS Kali Linux 2019.03 CPU Intel i7 3700 Kali is on a Seagate Barracuda SSD 500 GB Storage and back up all in same computer Seagate Gaming Firecuda Hybrid 2 TB Hitachi HDD 2 TB 24 GB Corsair Vengance RAM AMD RX 560 GPU 4 GB Drivers Most current AMD Driver Most Current Intel Opencl I tried Rocm to start researched found out reason it wasn’t working is it isn’t compatible with Polaris 21 that’s in GPU. I edited the permissions in the Ubuntu driver and it halfway installed there’s a lot that’s not there that way. Found a lot of tutorials on how to install in Kali the road block is install the AMD drivers then AMD SDK. AMD doesn’t have the SDK anymore but I found it on GIT, but I can’t do anything until I get the drivers to install. I can’t get any of the programs I mentioned to work with it in Ubuntu or Windows. In Windows Hashcat accepts the GPU but not the Opencl. In Ubuntu it’s a wash even though the drivers work in Ubuntu. The reason for Kali is JTR will use all eight threads it wont on Windows and wont use the GPU on Windows either. So Kali and JTR are my best shot. Any ideas would be fantastic in two months I haven’t got even one reply on Kali Forums, so if you can fix it your the Ninja.