lan printer not fround from wifi (kyocera from android)

I have a new budget Kyocera network printer (FS-1061 DN). It has no wifi, but a standard LAN cable is plugged in. I installed the driver on my windows 7 machine, also connected via LAN, and printing works fine. From that (laptop) also printing via wifi works fine.

From my android smartphone (moto g 5+ with android 8.1) with both “kyocera printing plugin” and “kyocera mobile print” app, the printer is not detected.

  • I checked wifi isolation in the router – ok.
  • I used a network scanner app on the smartphone – it finds the device and shows various protocols that worked: most notably SNMP v2 and v3.
  • I entered the IP manually. – “Cant connect to printer”.
  • I tried both protocols: WS Discovery and SNMP

But still the printer is not detected from the printing apps.

Any tips? Perhaps a setting on the smartphone?