Laravel Multilanguage SEO Wise question [duplicate]

It’s my first time creating a Multilanguage site, i’ve got one concern which is SEO, i don’t use different slugs for my languages, i use Voyager as a back-end admin and when for example a blog page is opened it gets translated automatically in the controller based on the locale the user selected but it doesn’t go to a different page, what i mean is the page is still{blog-page} AND NOT{blog-page}/{language}.

Will that be an issue SEO wise?

What i’m doing is in AppServiceProvider.php everytime a page loads i set the locale so there won’t be any problems

    $  locale = session()->get('locale');          if($  locale == null) {          Session::put('locale', 'el');     } 

Setting the language at the HTML tag

<html lang="{{ session()->get('locale') }}">

and also

@section('title', {{ $ locale == 'en' ? 'English Title' : 'Greek Title' }})


    <link rel="canonical" href="{{ Request::fullUrl() }}">     <link rel="alternate" href="{{ Request::fullUrl() }}" hreflang="el-gr">     <link rel="alternate" href="{{ Request::fullUrl() }}" hreflang="el">     <link rel="alternate" href="{{ Request::fullUrl() }}" hreflang="x-default">     <link rel="alternate" href="{{ Request::fullUrl() }}" hreflang="en"> 

The website has a lot of traffic and i don’t intend to see how this will turn out, so I’m looking for some tips if my approach is correct and if the crawlers will look at the website just fine.