Launch of a game for computers and cell phones

For a few months I have been creating a game using Gamemaker Studio 2 Desktop.


It turns out that I would like to launch it also for cell phones, for that I bought Gamemaker Studio 2 Mobile.


That’s when my doubt arises.

In Gamemaker Studio 2 Mobile you have the option to open the projects made in Gamemaker Studio 2 Desktop and its interface is the same as in Gamemaker Studio 2 Desktop.

There are 2 shortcuts on my computer:

enter image description here

Now I don’t know if Gamemaker Studio 2 is a new program or works only as a license that allows me to launch the game on another platform (like a plugin extension).

I remember that in Gamemaker Studio 1.4 the program was one and each version of the game (desktop or mobile) had its own code.

I basically had to copy the game design and edit the copy with its equivalent features.

I remember that one of the adaptations is at the time of clicking on the screen, because on the cell phone you don’t use mouse_x or mouse_y.

What I would like to know is if I will need to adapt the code for this mobile version or when exporting the game, when choosing the mobile platform, the code will be adapted automatically.

Before coming here I looked for solutions in these links:

Cross platform from gamemaker

Cross-Platform Online Multiplayer (with or without GMnet) from gamemaker

Cross platform? from gamemaker

At one point I realized that maybe I was using the wrong term in the search, because the results I was finding revealed different things than what I was looking for. Something in the sense that computer and mobile people can play together, which is not useful for me since the game I am producing is not online.