[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : How can I go about being against my grandmother being taken off life support?

My grandmother has been on and off a ventilator with a trach for about 2 months now. She started doing good and even got weened off the vent for a while. But just recently she started needing the vent again and started pooling secretions which caused her to have to go back on the vent. See my grandmother has a really bad stroke. Well the place she at is a weening facility meaning they ween people off their ventilators, but if they can’t be weened and have to have the vent long term they have to go to Georgia for long term care (we live in Florida) and we live in south Florida so it’s not like we’re kinda close to Georgia. So basically our options are take her off the vent and let her die, or send her to Georgia. My mom is totally against her going to Georgia so basically she just wants her to be taken off and die. They scheduled for her to be taken off the vent Tuesday and it’s scaring me as we get closer. I want to ask the facility if we can have more time cause I’m just not ready to let her go and I don’t like the idea of scheduling her death. I was watching the live execution of Bobby Joe Long and it reminded me so much of my grandma, how were scheduling her execution. What should I do? Losing my grandma is like losing my mom cause she raised me.