Learndash 3: Custom scoring for quiz questions

I have a project in WordPress + Learndash 3. The whole point of my project is to simulate an exam that that has some weird scoring rules for each question.

Here is how points should be awarded for multiple answer questions:

All multiple answer questions have 5 answers from which 2 to 4 answers are correct (depending of the question) Let’s say some questions has the following answers:

A B C D E = 5 answers from which 2 are correct (A and C)

If I mark correctly A and C I get 5 points:

A B C D E  X   X   1 1 1 1 1 = 5 points 

If I mark A and B I get:

A B C D E X X 1 0 0 1 1 = 3 points 

In this case the user gets 1 point for A because is correct, 0 points for B because is incorrect and marked correct, 0 point for C because it was the correct answer but is not marked, and 1 point for each D and E because they are wrong answers but the user has not marked them as incorrect.

In conclusion I need Learndash Quizez to award:

  • 1 point for each correct answer
  • 1 point for each incorrect answer that user has not marked as correct
  • 0 points for answers that are incorrect and marked as correct
  • 0 points for answers that are correct but not marked as correct