libgdx, png asset – Different size of animation frame assets – possible to center?

I have code that changes texture in each frame depending on state of player – walking, idle. Problem is that idle texture (from separate png) has slightly different size and due to that it appears not in line with rest of animations seemingly being in slightly different position when returning to idle. Is it possible to position them based on the center of texture instead of left bottom?

batch.draw(determineTexture(), position.x, position.y,             currentFrame.getRegionWidth()/2f, currentFrame.getRegionHeight()/2f,             currentFrame.getRegionWidth(), currentFrame.getRegionHeight(),1f,1f, rotation,false);  TextureRegion determineTexture(){         if(playerState == State.idle)             currentFrame = idleAnimation.getKeyFrame(stateTime, true);         else if (playerState == State.walkingUP || playerState == State.walkingDOWN || playerState == State.walkingRIGHT || playerState == State.walkingLEFT )             currentFrame = walkAnimation.getKeyFrame(stateTime, true);         return currentFrame; } 

One png has height of 57 – idle, while 6 columns and one row of walking frames has height of 87 pixels