Lifting the Veil of Link Building

I see so many threads concerning how to build backlinks. Well most of them are emphatically wrong. So I decided to post this in the hops of helping all of you would be link builders out there.

How to Build Links Properly is something all need to know. There are many here that know how to build links, but the majority of the users here don’t so here is to helping you that fall into the latter category.

We get a lot of post that sound like this….

I got links from DA 50+ sites, but it’s not helping.
I get links from only quality blogs, directories, because they have a high DA 50+, but it’s not helping.

DA is a proxy for Google’s Page Rank, (name after Larry Page), but it is just a proxy, a some what indicator on how likely a site or page is to rank for a given term.

Now here is the issue, Moz doesn’t use the same signals that Google uses to calculate the value of any given Link. They miss by a long shot, remember for now that DA is only an indicator.

You hear a lot of the senior members here on SeoChat say, "Google doesn’t use DA" , (and we are correct in that statement), Moz and people that use Moz’s tools use DA. Also most people are using the metric incorrectly !!!

So what should you be looking for when link building… here is a small list that covers a lot of territory and hopefully if you pay attention, your link acquisition skills will be better.

You’ve heard this before, but it is still true !

Get Relevant Links, basically you want to get links from a page / article that is relevant to your niche. (nothing new here)

Now you can use Moz DA here to provide a filter, but only a filter. It’s not the end all, cure all for acquireing links. That being said…Vet the site, for traffic. There are many high DA sites that have "0", "Zero", "Nada", "Zip", "Zilch" traffic. Remember DA is based on how many links a site has, somewhat analogous to how PR worked before the Panda and Penguin Algorythms were release by Google. If Google is ranking a site, and the site is getting organic traffic, then you can assume that Google considers links from said site are valuable.

Here’s a fun fact, more than 91% of all sites on the web get ZERO traffic from Google. You can check this by searching it, go ahead Google it, look it up. Do not just take my word on this !

So with that in mind, if you are link building then approximately 9 out of 10 sites are basically worthless for acquiring backlinks. This seriously reduces the number of sites you should be getting links from !! The problem for link builders is determining whichs sites actually have traffic.

Now lets say you have identified some Diamonds in the Mud, good sites being Diamonds, and the mud is the internet.
Now you have to develop a relationship with these sites. Not an easy task, remember there are over 1.8 billion active websites currently on the net today. But only 180 million of them are worth getting a link from. Of that 180 million, how many are relevent to your site and niche ? You can now see how we have trimmed down the number of sites you should be looking at. Now ask yourself how many webmaster, and linkbuilders approach these sites for a backlink. Then folks wonder why they can’t get a post approved. Well it’s a lot harder than you imagine to get that relationship established. Once you do, then more opportunities will present themselves.

So lets recap that last bit ….

You have to identify sites with traffic.
You have to identify sites in your niche.
You have to develope a relationship with said site.

That last part is the real hard part. Remember these site owners want to protect their site’s reputation. So if you have no stature on the topic matter, why should any site publish your article ????? The short of it is they won’t, period.

Now you can see why most of the reputable members here tell folks here build links for traffic, not rankings. Most folks like instant gratification and will take short-cuts in the link building process. They get links from any site that will let them post links on. Well if they have no traffic, really what good is the link, because no one will see it, since the site has basically no traffic Google now discounts that link and you have just wasted your time, and that is just the best outcome you can hope for. You could find what is a great looking site, but hey it is using shady tactics, so those sites will cause you to incur a penalty for getting links from them. If you vetted the site for traffic, then the chances for those issues drops away drastically.

Hope this helps all you would be, wanna be, link builders. Now you know how some of us qualify a site for possible backlink acquisition.

Good Luck !