Long derivative exercises: where to find them?

I am preparing for an exam. On the exam I will be asked to find the derivative of a long function, with a multiple chain rule. Such as: $ $ y = (\frac{3}{x} – 2^{{x}^3})^{6} + \frac{\ln \sin \frac{2x+1}{\sqrt{5}}- x \arcsin \sqrt{x+2}}{\sqrt[4]{x^{5}}} $ $

I want to practice solving such derivatives, but nowhere could I find such examples. I was googling and checking on YouTube for “hard derivative problems”, “difficult derivatives”, “multiple chain rule”, etc. I only found shorter, simpler examples.

Would anyone be able to point out to me where can I find some .pdfs with answers or YT videos to such derivatives? The exam is in 2 days and I won’t be able to buy a book by now.