Looking for a very simple RPG

I’m looking for a table-top RPG to host for people with no experience whatsoever. I need something with simple, easy to use mechanics who encourage player’s imagination when facing challenges, something that can help me involve the players in an interesting storyline.

When I say simple I mean: little to no Stat sheet, No complicated rules regarding taking actions and Relatively few dice rolls.

The point should be making the players think of creative solutions while going through the story. Things like: how to get information from an npc, how to get out of an elaborate trap, how to get past a giant lava pool.

Of course the characters need to have some sort of abilities, even special ones, but using them shouldn’t be complicated (like a wizard who’s trying to build himself a strategy using a lot of different spells). Playing smart should be using everyone’s unique abilities together.

Lastly, I’m planning on using this for one-shots of a couple of hours, not long campaigns.

TL:DR I need the simplest rpg to deliver a thrilling story for a group with no past experience, while making the players cooperate and find creative solutions to challenges.

Thanks everyone!