Looking to run GSA and SEO tools on dedicated computer

Greetings, fellow SEO & GSA enthusiasts!
I have decided, as I am in the midst of upgrading most of my “processes” IRL, to get another computer, so SER and companion programs, can run 24/7 on a dedicated machine.
This will allow me to use a machine solely for photo editing, web browsing, FTPing to servers, writing articles, using Notepad++ to modify/create stuff, and whatever other work-related tasks I do.  Also playing YT videos. As it is, SER runs when I am not using the machine. I can go further if I had 24/7 use of the computer just for GSA.
Anyone have any suggestions? I know I can just get a VPS, also. Any pros/cons? Any suggestions as far as OS?  Is Win 10 best for SER, if I am going to setup a new machine? Currently running on Win7.