LOW VPM – Experienced 7 Year GSA SER User Is Baffled


Up until 1 month ago, I was consistently getting between 50 and 100 VPM running 35 to 40 projects per VPS in 2 different VPS .

Now I can only get 4 LPM / 1VPM on VPS A      and     6 LPM / 3 VPM on VPS B.

I really don’t know if all 3 lists are suspect or SER is not counting verified links OR I am doing something else wrong.

Any help you can provide will be greatly welcomed.

Many thanks.

Mike C



VPS – 2 off in different countries

LISTS – 3 different verified lists from bought in from well known established providers

PROXIES – 3 different providers semi dedicated private, all checked and working OK

Provider A – 100 semi=dedicated proxies running at 300 threads

Provider B – 10 semi=dedicated proxies running at 100 threads

Provider C – 20 semi=dedicated proxies running at 250 threads

EMAIL – 6 Catch Alls on one VPS and 20 Catch All on the other VPS both sets of catch alls recently swapped too

HTML Timeout – 180


CAPTCHABREAKER VERSION – 4.53 (85% success rate)

NATURE OF PROJECT – T3 Indexing links pointed at T2 properties

PROJECT ENGINES – Do Follow:   Articles, Directories, Forum & Social Networking

I have attached 2 different text files from each VPS to show what is going on.

Mike C