Macbook Pro 2012 MD101 cannot bootup, cannot reinstall OSX

Problem Description

About 5 years ago, I upgraded the original HDD to SSD(Samsung 840 evo), everything is ok until last November.

After a trip to an examination(4 hours drive, 2 hours go, 2 hours back), when I turn on the power there is a question folder mark display on the screen.

Because this one is a spare computer, and there is no important data, so I tried to reinstall OS X. But after a long wait, the computer still cannot boot up, still question folder mark.

When I try to reinstall again,the SSD cannot be found in Install OS X Program or Disk Utility Program. I take off the SDD, connect it to a PC, and delete the partition, those Mac APPs can find it again, but Disk Utility Program cannot erase the disk, the erasing progress will be stuck on somewhere.

I thought this SSD is dead. So I replaced it with a new SSD. Try again, the same problem.

In addition to these:

I tried to reinstall from Recovery Disk. Still, the same problem.

I tried run Apple Hardware Test, did not find any problem.

After a lot of tries, when I erase the partition, this error popup:

Volume Erase failed

Volume Erase failed with the error:

POSIX reports: The operation couldn’t be completed.

Input/output error


When I drive to then examination perhaps some bumps and shakes broke some part in the computer? I don’t know.