Magento 1.9 With App Emulation Cron send only one email

Once the order is made, I save this order to a custom table that is sort of queue.

When I want to send multiple emails with cron, I can not.

I found that an App Emulation might have been a problem because when I disable it, x emails are sent at the same time.

I need App Emulation to eluvate store where order was made.

First I filter collection, then in foreach loop I’am sending emails.

    foreach ($  rows as $  row) {         Mage::helper("module_name")->sendEmail($  row);     } 

in sendMail($ row) function:

        $  appEmulation = Mage::getSingleton('core/app_emulation');         $  initialEnvironmentInfo = $  appEmulation->startEnvironmentEmulation($  order->getStoreId());          $  mailTemplate->sendTransactional(             $  schedule->getEmailTemplateId(),             $  sender,             $  recipient,             null,             $  templateVars,             $  order->getStoreId()         );           $  appEmulation->stopEnvironmentEmulation($  appEmulation); 

Thanks to everyone who can help.