Magento 1.9.x Custom attribute list in catalog/product list page

Goodmorning everyone

I’m definitely not a programmer, I struggle to program a television recording.

however …. I have to see a list of attributes in the short description of the magento 1.9 product list

I created a custom attribute that has multiple variables that can be selected simultaneously example Attribute title: Ingredients values ​​attrivuto, salt, oil, pepper, etc. etc.

This attribute is enabled to be visible in the front end

after some research and various copy / paste and many attempts I came to this result

I purposely used two different “get” that provide two different results

In the file list.html, inside the div class = “desc std” I entered the following code:

getResource () -> getAttribute (‘MIEI_ATTRIBUTI_1’) -> getStoreLabel ()?>: getAttributeText (‘MIEI_ATTRIBUTI_1’)?>

If it were just “salt” magento correctly returns “salt” , but in this case there are more chosen variables and magento returns the word “Array” after the title instead of writing “salt, pepper, oil etc etc”

getResource () -> getAttribute (‘MIEI_ATTRIBUTI_2’) -> getStoreLabel ()?>: getData (‘MIEI_ATTRIBUTI_2’)?>

In this case magento returns the “id” 1,2,3, etc., etc. instead of “salt, pepper, oil, etc.”

sorry English I used google translator

How can I solve it? Can you help me? Thank you