Magento 2 complicated shopping cart rule

I can’t figure out how I can create a complicated cart discount rule I need and if it can be done.

Conditions for customers should be:

  1. One specific brand called “Xbrand”
  2. If customer add 2 products from “Xbrand” gets 10% discount
  3. If a customer add more than 2 products from “Xbrand” gets 15% discount
  4. Rule must be applied only to products from “Xbrand”
  5. Must work if customer combines the “Xbrand” products with products from different brands

What I have done. I managed to solve first 3 steps with creating two different rules for cart. One for 2 products with 10% discount and one for more than 2 products with 15% discount.

My problem is when a customer combines “Xbrand” products with products from other brands. There my rules don’t work.

My rule now is:

If ALL of these conditions are TRUE :

If an item is FOUND in the cart with ALL of these conditions true:

Brand Name is Xbrand

Total Items Quantity is 2

Get 10% discount. This works.

But if a customer add there a product from different brand rule breaks and don’t give discount

Any help will be appreciated.