Magento 2 LocalHost, Admin Panel error js and disappeared Setup Wizard button

After several days of testing and testing, I ask for help. 3 Problems.

  1. The theme in local is no longer the one purchased (The default one appears)
  2. The Accordian does not work on the Admin panel
  3. The Setup Wizard Button disappeared

Magento Version 2.2.8

Phase 1: I copied an online platform in localhost to start testing modules before entering them online.

Step 2: Development environment configuration Docker with 4 containers: Nginx php 7.1 MySql 5.6 Redis

Modify default.conf nginx as per technical specifications I set up php.ini and install all the required modules then I use magerun2.phar to check the environment

Run all with docker-compose

Step 3: I insert the dump of the DB and change the URL Secure and Unsecure with

Magento 2 Works! I type in the browser: https://localhost or and the site loads – some error JS perhaps due to the Symlink or Copy inside di.xml problem (the subject up to now is the same as the online one), I ignore this problem and go to check Admin opened it and it works, except that the Accordians (all) don’t show the content. I decide to recompile pub/static and generated/

First change mode from default to developer and then php bin / magento setup: static-content: deploy -f (I cleaned the cache and files generated previously) at this point strange things appear on system.log

main.INFO: Item Magento_Backend :: system_currency was removed

and also

main.INFO: Remove on item with id Magento_Backend :: setup_wizard was processed 

I type in the browser: https: // localhost or and everything is loaded in front-end, but the theme has changed not the one purchased but the default one

At this point I find myself with a different theme from the original, the problem on Admin that remained, and the Web Setup Wizard button disappeared.

Also i have replace DB and re-downloaded file (Static) does not work

Frontend Error Admin Accordian Error Web Setup Wizard Error