Magic Missile or other ‘Always Accurate’ attack spells as an anti-aircraft weapon

I’m working on a story that has a mix of futuristic tech and D&D style magic, so I was wondering about this interaction.

(Note: I’m "houseruling" that Magic Missile can be used to attack objects)

Even a really pokey airplane flying at 136 miles per hour crosses Magic Missile’s 120-foot range in under a second, as the craft is flying at just under 200 feet per second. That’s peanuts compared to something flying supersonic or hypersonic speeds.

Something going Mach 2 crosses 2,251 feet in one second, and something flying at Mach 16.7 covers 18,793 feet in that same second.

So, would it turn a normally ‘always accurate’ attack into a ‘roll to hit’ attack, or would it even be possible to hit such fast-moving targets with a spell like Magic Missile directly, or would you have to use spells that simulate flak instead?