Making aysnchronous sequential circuits hazard free

The problem I am stuck at requires me design a hazard free asynchronous sequential circuit for a given problem description. I have followed the routine steps as follows:

  • I have obtained the primitive flow table from the problem description
  • I have reduced the flow table using state minimisation routines of incompletely specified FSM
  • I have assigned the output symbol preventing glitches
  • I have done the state assignments of the reduced flow table

Let us assume that I require three secondary variables $ y_1,y_2 ,y_2 $ for the state encoding.

Now I have the resulting flow table. I am stuck at how I should proceed for hazard checking. I know the general procedure of checking and removing static and dynamic hazards, given a function and some transitions.

In this problem,

  • For static hazards, I guess, I should check the KMap for each $ y_1 ,y_2,y_3 $ and thereby check for adjacent $ 1’s$ . Am I right?
  • For dynamic hazards , I really have no clue how to proceed.Descriptive answers would be very helpful

Thank you in advance for all your answers.