Making Modular Mini’s Work in TTS

This is not exactly game development, and I have also posted this in Arqade but it is development of a virtual playable version of a board game so maybe it loosely fits. Im hoping someone has an idea either way, or can point me to the right place to post this to get better results.

I am working to create a Tabletop Simulator mod for a newly Kickstarted game: Shiver Me Timbers.

I have gotten all of the game pieces into the mod, all of the cards, tokens, tiles, I even made 3D models of the standees.

Where I am getting stuck is the pirate ship miniatures. These modular miniatures are what you use to move around the board. In the game one of the things you can do is upgrade your ship. When you upgrade the ship, or get damaged in some way, (IRL) you physically add or remove pieces from the mini (when you upgrade your hull you pull apart the front and back of the ship and add another hull section in between and put them back together, when you upgrade sails you add a different Mast to the ship, when upgrading cannons you push a new cannon into one of the holes in the side of the ship, when taking damage to any of these areas the opposite. You can see how this works in the different GIFs on the kickstarter page above). Each ship can have a maximum of up to 7 hulls, 7 sails, 7 cannons or any combination in between. Also each “hull” piece has a disk/wheel in it that determines what type of cargo you are carrying.

The problem I am running into is making the different components come together in a way that 1. stays together when moved, 2. is able to later be removed, and 3 allows for the disks to rotate/change as needed.

I originally thought about just using different states for each configuration of the mini but that would turn out to be 343 states for just the ship (not to mention the 4 positions each cargo disc can be in) and creating that many states for one mini would not only take an insane amount of time making the 3D models, but would be a HUGE number of assets for the game to load, and be extremely confusing when trying to find the correct state for the configuration you need.

I did decide (potentially incorrectly) to have set it up to use states for the 7 different hull configurations, and use the fixed joint tool to attach the cargo disks and that works, as long as you have each hull state set to be attached to the disk, or if you have each disk state (4 different states for the cargo types) set to attach to the base. But if I have both items having multiple states if I change the one that the Joint is going TO then it breaks and the disks fall out.

The other issue with the mini’s is attaching Sail Masts and Cannons. If I bring in the basic ship base and attempt to add a piece to it (aka one of the masts) I can create a snap point that allows it to fit to the correct spot but it always immediately falls over and off of the ship.

I have thought about using the attach tool, but once you place the new part onto the base of the mini, by the time you can get to the attach tool and use it the new part has fallen off or fallen over. It cant just be pre-done (with a gizmo on a locked object or something) because the players have to be able to modify mid game.

I have enough ability with blender to work these models some (though still a bit of a beginner) and I have been trying to learn unity so that I can use the higher poly count ship models (the texturing was done with 3D geometry not a texture png) and set them up to be asset bundles. I have done a tiny bit of work with collider geometry in blender/unity. I also have a minor amount of programming ability and could muddle through learning LUA and doing some scripting to make it work if that is the solution.

Does anyone have any ideas how to make these “Modular” mini’s a reality in the virtual space of TTS? Any Ideas are welcome. I Really want to figure this thing out. Thanks in advance.