Making pit traps more interesting

I’m currently running the Barrowmaze campaign, which has many 10x10x10 ft³ pits. When reading the campaign, I thought they would be quite interesting, and serve as obstacles the characters would need to come up with creative ways to get over, or go around.

After encountering a few pits, I see they are mostly just a minor annoyance to the players. They are only really a danger when unrevealed, when a character can accidently stumble into them. Once they are revealed, they can simply jump across them. Jumping with a 10 ft running start allows characters to jump up to their strength score in feet. Most characters have a strength score of more than 10, so they clear it with ease. Then they throw a rope back across for the one character with a strength of 8.

Is there a way to make such pit traps more interesting?