Making Static Buttons

Is it possible to get a button that remains still when clicked? That is, it does not show the temporary pressed frames

enter image description here

This also happens when I set Appearance -> "Frameless"

enter image description here

as well as others. What I want is to be able to change the background colour of the button under the "Frameless" appearance without this pressed animation.

With Appearance -> "Pressed" there is no change, but the button remains pressed and I cannot change its background color. Instead it shows me the negative of that colour, so I could simply use ColorNegate to make it work. If want green, for example, I could do

Button["Hello", Appearance -> {"Frameless", "Pressed"},   Background -> ColorNegate[Green]] 

enter image description here

I’m wondering however, whether there is a better approach and how this translates into other operating systems (I’m using Windows 10). Could there be a difference in the way the pressed color is computed?