Malware and Captcha Site Certificate Change When Using GSA SER and GSA Captcha Breaker

Dear Sir,
This is to bring to notice that I have been having serious issues making use of your software.
My GSA SER is always complaining of Death by Captcha server being down and whenever I try accessing death by Captcha online through their website I always receive errors like the following:
Expires on: Sep 18, 2019
Current date: Jul 20, 2019
PEM encoded chain:
When Avast complains it always complains of an infection involved in a process in GSA SER all the time as can be seen in the several screenshots attached.
As a result, no captchas are solved by deathbycaptcha as their service cannot be accessed through either GSA SER or even if I ping their server.
However, if GSA SER has not been ran for the day and I access everything works fine. When I test my credentials everything is fine. When GSA initially starts working it is ok, but within some few minutes the problem comes up.

In the trial version of GSA Captcha Breaker that I am using I keep getting this error message:

“Death By Captcha: Unable to extract CaptchaID (<html> <body> <p>Unable to complete request. Check credential….”

I have dropped a system already thinking I got infected online from somewhere else. However on a fresh install of Windows 10, the same problem persists.
The thing is that any captcha site listed in your software cannot be accessed once this problem start which makes things look very difficult to understand. Why is it attacking my captcha services – all their certificates get changed and I receive the NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID error on virtually all of them.
Please I need help on a way forward.

I just want to get this problem solved and get it to work let everyone else, please!!!